Ranking all the 89 cameras I have tested – 2016-2021

Back in 2017 after I had been doing photography for roughly one year I made a list ranking all the 29 cameras I had used during that time period on my Instagram. Now I recently celebrated 5 years of photography I thought it was time to updated the list.

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  • Just like last time I rank them from my experience using them for still photography only, without comparing or present any reasoning for it.
  • I might put a specialized sports camera ahead of an all-around pocket camera simply because I enjoy it more. Even though they aren’t exactly comparable.
  • I might put an older model infront of a newer because its much cheaper and close enough in performance and quality.
  • One camera might beat another because of having a super high resolution, only to lose to another with much lower one.
  • And given that my photography and preferences have changed ver the years I will make adjustments to the old list as well.