Buying a new cinema/video camera – Part 1 – What Ive used and what I want

This is the first video in a series where I try to find a new cinema camera or high en video camera for myself to use for personal projects. Firstly I will look back at what I have used in the past in order to create a list of features I would want.

Some of the cameras that I have been looking at include the Canon C70, EOS R5, Sony FX3 as well as a used copy of the Sony FS5 and Canon C100mkii.

But when a fully rigged URSA mini 4.6K with the EVF and handle cost less than a Canon EOS R5 but five times more than a C100i and over 20 times more than a BMPCC, but half the price of a Digital Bolex D16, things start to get confusing..

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