The Evolving Canon EOS-R Review – One Year Update

Its been over a year since the Canon EOS-R became my professional camera of choice. Ive used it for portraits, sports, events, reportage and a lot of in house video production. So, am I still happy with it?

The Evolving Canon EOS-R Review

The R together with the Kipon Baveyes Focal Reducer and my Mamiya645 lenses.

The Canon EOS-R is one of he most controversial cameras ever to be released. I have so far shot over 10,000 shots with it and think its down right fantastic. Ive used it for portraits, landscapes, sports and street. Also a lot of video.

Unfortunately it is not allowed to review this camera on the internet yet. Because if you do you will be attacked by triggered fanboys from all camps. And why has the energy to go through that. Instead I will take my sweet time.

Why buy the Canon EOS R?

In the video bellow I list five reasons why I really enjoy the Canon EOS-R (mostly for professional use). There is of course much more to like about the camera than I list in this video. For example in camera video color, highlight roll off, audio, no rolling shutter, etc, etc.

Another negative is that its a bit too feature rich, capable and easy to use for it to challenge me creatively on the streets. For recreational shooting I sometimes prefer something more limited.

Canon EOS-R Video

And I know there will be 4K crusaders commenting on me liking HD. Listen, I started shooting 4K Raw video before most you even left 720p. So I know all about it. The fact is that I have had the HD from the EOS-R projected together with FS7 4K on huge screen and no one notices any difference. Law of diminishing return and the right tool for the job.

The Canon EOS R is Medium Format

One of my favorite accessories so far is of course the Kipon Baveyes Medium Format Focal Reducer.

Third Party Lens for the Canon EOS-R

Since its Canon loads of third party accessories and lenses quickly hit the market. This is the Elegant 75mm f2.4 lens.

Canon EOS-R Samles

Shot with the Kipon Focal Reducer.
Another shot with the Kipon Focal Reducer.