The Epson R-D1 – What the Leica MD should have been?

This is the first digital range finder with a Leica-m mount. It was released back in 2004 but still cost a pretty penny on the used market. I decided to review it after my viewers decided I should via one of my polls on youtube.

Epson R-D1 Review

The camera needs to be bought on for example eBay but the lens I used is available in stores:
7artisans 35mm f2

Gear used for the video:
Fuji X-E3
Manfrotto Befree

Epson R-D1 Samples

Epson RD-1 Review Sample
Its definitely a cool looking camera.
Epson R-D1 Sample Review
Colors are pleasing.
Epson RD-1 Review Sample
Don’t let the low mp fool you. There is no shortage of details.

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