Sensor Size – Why I never apply crop factor to aperture

In this video compare sensor sizes to illustrate why I never apply crop factor to aperture. And If you don’t know what crop factor is, then don’t watch this video. Because it has no real impact on your photography or videography.

You should use your cameras and lenses as they sit. How it may or may not look on other systems isn’t really relevant when taking pictures or shooting videos.

It baffles me when people say things like,
– There is no wide angle for a16 because this 10mm is equivalent bla bla bla…

10mm is the wide angle for the system! Work with it!

Not to mention on forums when someone ask,
– Hi Im a beginner and have never had a camera. Im thinking of buying a G7. Is that a good camera?

And the answer is something like,
– Hi, its a good camera but remember that a 50mm lens is the equivalent of bla bla bla..”

Why does that matter? He said he never used a camera so why care what a random lens does on a random system?
And of course my favorite,
– Bigger sensor means more light bla bla bla..

What a bunch of BS 🙂

Some support links

I always encourage buying gear used. But if you fell like splashing some cash at least some of the stuff mentioned in the video is still available in stores.
Sony A7
Fuji X-T20
7Artisans 50mm