Review – The Sony RX1r ii vs X100f – You get what you pay for

This camera was nice but imo not nice enough for the price at release.
Nowadays its used price is within an enthusiast budget and that makes all the difference in the world.

Video recorded with:
Fuji X100f
Sony RX1r ii
Manfrotto Befree


RX1r ii vs X100f Video Review

The review consists mainly of a YouTube video and includes about 50 sample shots.

Why compare the Sony RX1r ii and the Fuji X100f?

I made this review a little different and put the RX1r2 next to the Fuji X100f.
The point of that are two:

  1. To show that all cameras have their ups and downs.
    Such a thing as a “better” camera doesn’t exist. Its all just subjective feelings of the user.
  2. The Sony lacks some “modern” features but is still more than just an expensive toy.

Sony Pros

  • The Lens is great and renders nice images (Leica look)
  • 46mp is pretty sweet when its time to crop
  • High ISO is killer
  • Its tiny. Smallest digital Full Frame I’ve ever had
  • Tilts screen + EVF is my melody
  • Video isn’t too shabby with a mic input and steady shot (it could use a higher bitrate to match the video from the x100f)

Sony Cons

  • EVF needs popping (my nail often gets stuck in the switch.. weird)
  • A bit unbalanced, not aweful
  • Battery life suuuuucks
  • The start up could be quicker
  • MF is as it usually is on these cameras… please Ricoh, license snap to others..

Sony RX1r Mark ii Samples

Sony Fullframe

Tilt screen is great for low angles.

Sony RX1x mark ii sun.

The tilt screen is also nice when shooting into the sun so you don’t go blind.


French bulldog sony rx1r 2.

The small size makes it handy for snaps.