Review – Sigma SD Quattro – Something special


This is a modern mirrorless camera with an APS-C sized sensor. But its also so much more than that.
This camera is truly unique. And without breaking the bank.


You can buy it here:
Sigma SDQ + 30mm
Sigma SD Quattro H
Video recorded with:
Fujifilm X-Pro2
Fuji 23mm f2.0
Manfrotto Befree


The Video Review


Thoughts on the SD Quattro

It seems to me that you either ”get” the whole Foveon sensor thing or you don’t.
If you don’t like them or have any interest in them a review won’t change your mind.
So happy trails to you..

The people that love them and maybe already have one, you won’t need a review either.
You are already on the dark side and can’t return.

And if you are undecided I urge you not to spend a lot of money on your first Foveon camera. The older models, specially the DSLRs are dirt cheap. So start of there.
Or at least do plenty of research first.

The group I however can recommend this camera to straight away, is film shooters.
If you are just like me. Experiment with 35mm, Medium Format, Polaroid, Pack Film, Large Format, or what have you. If you love colors and tonality in B&W. If you sometimes like to take it slow.
Then this camera might be for you.

Pros and cons of the SD Quattro


  • Image Qualiy
    Sharp, detailed and gorgeous colors.
  • Build
    This is a tank.. scratch that, aircraft carrier.. no, star destroyer.
  • Grip
    Very comfortable and chunky.
  • Prize
    The 30mm f1.4 combo is very affordable.
  • Colors
    Did I mention the colors
  • Lens life
    You can use the lenses on Sony with an electronic adapter and don’t have to lock them to one system.
  • Speed
    There is none.
  • Lowlight
    There is none. Like I said in my DP1 review. You can take pictures in the dark. But it will stay fairly dark.
  • EVF
    It works for composition but is very low res.
  • SD Slot
    There is only one, would have loved two.

Sigma SD Quattro Sample Images



One of my favorite Gunpowder photos.


We can argue about AF speed until the cows come home. But the colors man…

SD Quattro test shot

First test shot of early summer leaves.

Crop os SDQ Test shot

Heavy crop of the picture above. Lots of detail.

Thats it.