Rico GXR Review – Leica M8 on a Budget!

This is one of those cameras that where quite genius but never really stood a chance. The market is fierce and there is no room for being different.

The GXR is seriously affordable today. Its not like the $28 Sigma DP1 I recently reviewed. But compared to a Leica M8, Fuji X100f, etc it is way more bang for the buck in my opinion.
Specially if you value mojo.

And that is what I think I like the most about the camera.
It has serious mojo in the images.

Other pros are:

  • Nice grip and buttons. Pretty much like the Ricoh GRii
  • Nice build
  • The peaking is very good and not to distracting
  • It shoots native DNGs

What not to like is definitely first and foremost the speed. Or lack of speed that is.
With the M-mount it doesn’t matter. But when I attach another module for some AF shooting its too slow for me to enjoy.

A negative that do apply to the A12 Mount module imo is the lack of an EVF. It renders the focus tab almost useless and feels very counter intuitive.

If you want to buy one, mine is for sale!
If you rather buy the camera I used to shoot this video you can do so here: Fuji XT2

Ricoh GXR Samples


With the Voigtlander 35mm f1.4.


With the Minolta 50mm f1.7 Rokkor.


With the 50mm equivalent module.