My Review of the Zhiyun Crane 3-Axis Gimbal

This is a really affordable piece of kit that will make your life much easier if you like floaty and stable camera shots.


You can buy it here: Zhiyun Crane



I know diddely squat about gimbals. I really don’t pay any attention to them. In my work world a gimbal shot is like a drone shot or under water, in other words, something special that you use for a purpose and then you rent or borrow the gear + crew that are good at it.
In my hobby and youtube world Im far to in love with proper camera shakes that I dont want to get rid of them.
Of my +200 youtube clips 0 are done with a gimbal and maybe 2 clips in total have stabilization in post.

Great build


It comes in a normal box, all the specs and such is written in english. So is the manual.
Rather surprising is the nice and sturdy “pellicase” that all the stuff is well secured and foamed in.



Here is some info:

Weight without battery: 950g
Payload Minimum: 350g Maximum: 1200g
Battery run-time: 6-12h
360 degrees on Tilt, Roll and Pan.

It can apparently feel every 0.02 degree change interval (what ever that is).
Claim to be the first handheld gimbal with CCI (camera control interface) to control focus and shutter.
Can be controlled via smartphone.
First with three 32-bit MCUs running parallel at 4k hertz, “The number is far beyond reach of any other gimbal” (sounds pretty cool I guess, a bit nerdy but cool ;) )
Lastly some other long paragraph about degrees ad milliseconds… sounds swell.