A Beginners Guide to the Red One MX

This is a complete beginners guide with all the stuff you need as well as how to use it. From start to finish.


Be sure to get a Nikon mount.

The footage of the camera is shot with a BMCC.

This camera has dropped roughly $25 000 dollars since its release. At $2-3000 its a true option for the enthusiast.

Some might feel a bit intimidated by cameras like these. But don’t worry, IMO, if you can use a 5D, you can shoot with this.


Looks complicated, but its not.

In short all you need is a lens, a CF-Card, a monitor and a battery. All which are most often included when you buy one used.

If you take the plunge the one of the absolutely nicest things about it is the codec. It is just so easy and fun to work with.






Redlog Film


Quick Grade

Still not convinced? Here are the other reasons I got it.

And some more footage..

Stay tuned for more.