Mac vs PC Laptop for DaVinci Resolve Editing

This is a test of how Davinci Resolve 12 preforms on a spec heavy PC Laptop, a base model Macbook Pro and a modest Macbook Air.


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My Opinion

I love the Macbook Air, I really do. But its just a tad impractical for me that edit several times a week and mostly uses a tablet for other stuff.
But if video making is just a side hobby and you just want something small, then its great.
Also notice that in the last test it actually beats the MBP all the way until the 4K.
The PC has been a pain for the last six months. I know some may say, “Thats just because you suck..” or what ever. Well, if 33 years of using a PC every single day isn’t enough to get it to run properly.. then the product simply sucks.
My two PCs at work never act this bad but thats because they are not cheap. PCs being “much cheaper” than Macs is a myth.
You get what you pay for.


The Macbook Pro is just solid all way around. If you need it and afford it, just go for it and be happy.