Moto 360 2nd Gen – First Impressions

This is a cool device. It has other qualities as well like practicality, pretty affordable and good looking.
But most of all its a cool device.




At least thats how I feel after my first evening with it. So to be honest I haven’t used it out in the real world yet.
First Impressions however are good.

My biggest negative about the watch is the box it comes in. Its to big, to much plastic and not very stylish. A small cardboard box from recycled paper would be much better and look better at the same time.

It turns on immediately and the setup process is easy. I would even call it “idiot proof”.
The only thing that struck me as odd or weird was that apps needed to be installed on my phone as well. Unlike my first smart watch, the Pebble Steel.
But of course it could just be me that haven’t learned how to use it properly yet.

The build quality is very solid. I like the size of 42mm and I’m glad I didn’t go for the larger model.
The wireless charger is a nice bonus but if I where nitpicking I would say it should sit more firmly in it.




I really dig the display.

After watching lots reviews where everyone points out that its an LCD instead of an OLED and that its mediocre at best, I had low expectations. But the LCD is nice. Really nice in my opinion. Its bright and punchy but also dims down nicely on the default settings.

If you want to get one immediately here is a link that also supports this page.
Motorola Moto 360 – Black Leather Smart Watch


I will have a complete review and if its good a “5 Reasons to Buy” video coming. In the meantime, here is my unboxing and quick test.