Run n Gun Lunch with the Panasonic LX100

This is my first outing with the LX100. I wanted to se how it behaved in various lights, all handheld and expose its imperfections.
Thats why I left some focus hunting, jello and other things in the video.

I used manual focus or one push auto (thats when it hunted). I used the stabilization that allows panning (much better imo).

Its recorded with the “neutral” setting and everything at -5 accept saturation which I left at -2.
In post I aded noise reduction and then aded grain.
Most scenes have received different grades.

Al in all Im pretty happy with it.
I first tried with a Variable ND but it doesn’t sit to well on the small lens. So I switched to a fixed ND with some odd exposures as result.
This gives me a good idea on what to expect from it as a BTS/Travel camera.