BMPC Test – 4K Raw Slowmo and Highlight recovery

These are some test shoots where I tried the BMPC 4K Raw in 30p slowed down to 24 and the Vision Color Raw to BMDFilm Log converter. I also blew highlights in every shot just to see how easy they where to recover.

This was also my first run with the FilmCity rig on my tripod. And lastly I used my two Tamrons (70-200, 17-50) together and have not corrected them to each other.


The 30p slowdown works but since I live in PAL-Land I need to adjust my shutter speed, there are flickering LEDs all over.
My Tripod will due but could have been a tad more stable.
The Vision Color BMDFilm is great. They will release a LUT so that the output becomes identical to the BMPC Prores. But since this was all Raw I could just treat it as 2.5K Raw and didn’t need to correct.
The highlight recovery is awesome.