Camera Gear Garage Sale 2019

As you might know from watching my latest video Im clearing out some gear in order to finance new. Im willing to sell to countries outside the EU but I dont want to go through eBay.

UPDATE: The gear is going pretty fast but the Leica CL, the TL-glass and the X-E2s is still available.

Im only going to accept payment through PayPal and of course Swish if you are living in Sweden. On PayPal I will only accept payment marked as gifts. If you don’t trust me as a seller, don’t buy anything.

Ive had bad experiences in the past with buyers wanting cheap postage only to reclaim their money after their post office supposedly lost the package.

If any of this stuff is for you just drop a comment or email me at

Leica M9-P
Nice condition with some brassing. Comes with box and two batteries. The sensor has been replaced and I have documentation from Leica on the service. Focus has so far been bang on with my Voigtlander 50mm.
The original Leica strap is a bit worn but you would probably want to switch to a leather strap anyway.
Price: SOLD

I can of course give a better price if you buy for example both a camera and a lens.

Leica CL
Mint condition with box and the regular accessories.
Price: SOLD

Leica 23mm f2 Summicron TL
Nice condition in box with sun hood and caps.
Price: SOLD

Leica 18mm f2.8 Elmarit TL
Mint condition in box with caps.
Now on eBay

Sigma 45mm f2.8 L (TL)
Mint condition in box with sun hood and caps.
Price: $450

Fujifilm XF10
Very nice condition with box and accessories. Champagne color.
Price: SOLD

Fujifilm X-E2s
Used but perfectly fine condition. Comes with box and an extra accessory grip. Black.
Price: SOLD

Panasonic LX100ii
Mint condition with box and accessories.
Price: SOLD

I also have a set of three Mamiya645 lenses including the 80mm f1.9 that are very fun on mirrorless. Specially on the MF speed booster from Kipon (I have the Canon RF version). EDIT: The 80mm f1.9 is sold.

  • Martin Thomas

    Can I have the Panasonic Lx100 ii please

    • Mattias Burling


  • Josh Ridgway

    Iโ€™d be interested in the Lipton adapter If youโ€™re selling it. Just picked up the 80mm 1.9!

    • Mattias Burling

      Drop me an email (adress is above).

  • Anton Sujarwo

    Waiting for the x100f ๐Ÿ˜

    • Mattias Burling

      Don’t have one ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Octavio Lepe

    I am interested in the XF10. I will email you shortly

    • Mattias Burling

      Already sold.

  • Harry Lehnhart

    I’m interested in the Fujifilm x e2. I want 1. Do u still have it?

  • Harry Lehnhart

    I’ve never been here, so will need to know how to make payment

  • Benjamin Silva Castillo

    How much are you asking for the mamita 645 lenses, and are they all 80mm 1.9?

    • Mattias Burling

      No I have a 150mm f3.5 and a 55mm f2.8. The 80mm is sold.
      I have to look up prices.

  • nicolas george

    I know its not on the list but is there any chance you would be willing to sell your bmpcc? (if you haven’t already)

    • Mattias Burling

      Sorry, don’t have one.


    Would like to buy Xe2s