Quick Camera Battle – Fujifilm XF-10 vs Ricoh GRiii

Since I started shooting with the Fuji XF-10 I get asked almost daily to compare it to the Ricoh GRiii. Given that they are from two completely different tiers among compact cameras I decided to make a quick matchup in this video so I don’t have to keep talking about the Ricoh in the actual review of the XF-10.

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Fuji XF-10 vs Ricoh GR3 Video

In my mind they are from two completely different tiers. The XF-10 is not a successor to the X70 which is more in the same league as the GR2/3. But I can definitely understand why many are choosing between them. Because in a lot of ways they can solve the same tasks. Its more a matter of how they do it.Its like the difference between a Fuji X-T30 and a X-3m, or an EOS-RP vs the EOS-R.