Which camera has the best image quality?

Camera image quality is like ice cream flavors. Its all down to taste and there really is no wrong answer. This list is my favorites purely based on how pleased Ive been with the output of the camera. I have ignored the lenses used, controls, price, speed, iso etc. This is just about the image.

  • Alan Millar

    Great vid and great choices. Question: is the K-1 similar in image style to the KP? I want to get one at some point because (a) I don’t have a high-res digital which I’d like for copying negatives with my old Pentax f2.8 macro lens and (b) because I have a lot of Pentax lenses for my Pentax MX which I’d like to be able to occasionally use on a digital camera at their native perspective.

    • Mattias Burling

      It’s similar but since I had much nicer lenses for my KP I found it to be nicer. The KP also has, imo, better control layout. But the K-1 is a monster.