Review – The Legendary Pentax MX-1

The Pentax MX-1 is a legend among point and shoot cameras. It has a unique lens and build, spits out high quality images and it has a Tilt Screen!

Pentax MX-1 Ricoh GRiii Samsung
With a hefty 391g Brass body its a tad bigger than for example the Ricoh GRiii.

Pentax MX-1 Video Review

I wish all cameras had a tilt screen

Pentax MX-1 Tilt Screen
I would choose a tilt over articulated any day of the week.

Pentax MX-1 Samples

Pentax MX-1 Review Samples
The zoom lens is handy.
Pentax MX-1 Review Samples
A zoom and a tilt screen is perfect for candids.
Pentax MX-1 Review Samples
Gunpowder approves.
  • Wait… what?

    Fun, informative video. Lovely samples (Gunpowder is adorable). Wish Pentax had made it a series instead of starting and stopping at MX-1. It’s a very interesting-looking and well-featured camera, and more could’ve been done if there’d been an MX-2, MX-3 and so on… we may never know.

    Will watch the Q review now.

    • Mattias Burling

      Its definitely a shame that most companies have stopped making these types of cameras. Fuji had the X30 which still feels kinda new. After that there isn’t much in the segment unless we go more compact like the RX100, LX15, etc.

  • Rafael

    I like the cool retro design of this camera but in terms of features I think the Olympus XZ2 was a bit ahead: hot shoe and accessory port for EVF… or is this too overrated and the brass top and bottom plate is better?

    • Mattias Burling

      I don’t see myself using an external flash on this if it allowed it. An EVF is nice but not a need imo.