Using the Canon EOS-R as a Medium Format Camera

The Kipon Baveyes Medium Format Focal Reducer lets me use my lovely Mamiya645 lenses on my Canon EOS-R. And it also reduces the crop factor from x1 to x0.7, giving me the full Medium Format Experience.

Kipon Baveyes Medium Format Review

Medium Format on a Budget!

The Kipon adapter lets you shoot a x0.7 crop of medium format lenses on pretty much any mirrorless full frame camera. Its available for Sony-E, Canon-RF, Nikon-Z, Fuji-GF and Leica-SL. The later meaning that it will work also on the Panasonic S1 and the upcoming offerings from Sigma.

You can find the Mamiya645 versions of adapter here:
Mamiya 645 – Canon EOS-R
Mamiya 645 – Nikon Z6/7
Mamiya 645 – Sony E
Mamiya 645 – Leica SL (Panasonic/Sigma L)

The Kipon Baveyes comes in a nice looking box.
The heft and tripod foot contributes to a well balanced kit.
Being able to use it on my EOS-R is a big step up from the A7 mainly because of the better screen, EVF and peaking. The higher resolution and video codec is just a bonus.

Canon Medium Format Samples

Just like the excellent build quality the image doesn’t disappoint .

Canon EOS-R + Kipon Baveyes + Mamiya 55mm f2.8
Rendering in the dark is just as lovley.
The 80mm f1.9 is still a bit of a favorite.
The 150mm f3.5 is both sharp and affordable.

Medium Format Sony A7

In case you missed it, here is the review I made of the Sony version.

This review will be evolving as time moves on with more info and samples.