Still photography killed casual video for me

This is just a little something I shot on the subway, absolutely nothing special. But it made me think.

I used to shoot a lot of casual video on the streets. But ever since I became passionate about stills, more specifically street photography I never do it. Mostly because when recording video I feel like Im just missing out on great stills. An this was no exception.

The irony is that I started shooting street photography to become a better videographer. I used to love shooting video. The best part for me was composition and grading. So I started taking Raw stills in order to get to practice bigger quantities of grading. The plan was to eventually make a video about it and recommend all aspiring videographers to shoot a lot of stills. Just like the DP’s in the Zacuto shoot out says (forgot which).

But along the way it completely switched on me. I started liking stills more. Specially the challenge. To capture a whole scene, the entire atmosphere, all the feelings in one single frame. Compressing an entire story into one single moment.
Im not in anyway implying that Im good at it. But I love trying.

Now when I watch vlogging street shooters on youtube, you know the type, Gopro in the hot shoe and a montage to hip-hop beats, I just get annoyed. In the video montages they miss out on so many great images. Same thing for me today.

In this short video montage of nothingness I see at least 4 potentially great images. So, thats it. I still recommend all aspiring DP’s to shoot more stills. With something like a GRii you can always have it ready. Look for light, composition and story. Just be aware that you might switch to the dark side like I have.

Don’t underestimate its power.

(btw, really soft lens in action here. It looked awesome with gorilla grain on my computer but I removed it since youtube always messes it up imo.)

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