Leica is the new Fuji? – 5 Reasons to buy the Leica T

Those of you that watched my Top 5 Affordable Camera Video know that I already had this camera but had to let to go. Well, I have it again and here are five reasons why I think this camera deserved to be bought twice.


If you rather have a brand new TL to TL2 you can find the stuff here:
Leica TL2
Leica TL
23mm f2 Summicron


Video recorded with:
Fujifilm X-Pro2
Fuji 23mm f2.0
Manfrotto Befree

Sample images from the Leica T


Calm evening.


GP taking it easy.

Leica T vs the Fujifilm X-Pro 2

This is not a competition. This is just to show what it means to use a really nice lens.
The extra megapixels from the Fuji (24 vs 16) quickly gets eaten up.
Same exposure, distance, processing, etc.


Fuji X-Pro 2 + 23mm f2 WR


Leica T + 23mm f2 Summicron