The Sigma DP1 – A $28 Premium Compact Camera

I often get asked to recommend affordable gear. And the cheaper the better.
So I set out to find a nice premium camera for less than $50. And also to see if it was any good.

If you want something modern you can buy for example the Ricoh or a Fuji here:
Ricoh GRii
Fuji X70
Or why not the Sigma Quattro



  • 14.06 million (4.69 million x 3) Foveon X3 CMOS sensor
  • 28mm equiv, F4 lens
  • RAW capture
  • Full manual control
  • TRUE image processing
  • 230,000 pixel, 2.5-inch LCD
  • Movies in 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA) @ 30 fps





  • tarek karam

    i get that you’re excited, but this camera is not worth 28$ and the average price is around 200$
    you can get LUCKY and get it for less…cool review thank you, but the title is dissapointing (;

    • Mattias Burling

      At the same time as mine was sold there was one for $50 and two others for $60 as well. So if you find one or not is totally up to you.
      And if you don’t think its worth $28… well that just means you don’t like photography 🙂

      • Alex Butler

        Iv been trying for months to find one in the UK cheap, I think your review was so popular it’s put the prices up haha! I shall keep waiting though for maybe a broken one and have it repaired 😉 keep up the amazing work and thanks for many enjoyable hours of relaxing review’s!

        • Mattias Burling

          Sorry about that 🙂
          I plan on selling mine on ebay. Starting bid will be $1 🙂

          • Alex Butler

            Il keep an eye out then for it Mattias, what’s your eBay username? You always have interesting cameras and lenses on your videos haha!

  • Christopher Perez

    What an awesome find! Keep up the great work. And yes, photography should be fun.

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