Fotodiox ND Throttle – Best adapter ever!

This adapter will change the way you shoot. Essentially it gives your camera a built in variable ND filter. The only caveat is that you need to adapt lenses.


You can support by buying one using the following links:
EF to E-Mount
Nikon to E-Mount
Nikon to MFT
Minolta MD to E-Mount
Minolta MD to MFT


If you have followed my channel you now that I shoot almost exclusively with adapted lenses.
And like most shooters I have a variable ND sitting on the lens 95% of the times.
With this adapter I never have to move it again.


The build is nice and feels solid. The only negative of the build is that the rings can be hard to grip.
The turning action might loosen up over time, making it easier.

The sharpness is nice, frankly its sharper than my Genus Eclipse!



Minimal color shifts.


In short its a great buy.