Test Grading the Samsung NX1

To get to know the NX1 I did some simple test grades. Ive had one before but its been a while. If you ask me, not having a Log profile isn’t to big of an issue these days.


Gear used:
Samsung NX1
16-50mm f2.0-2.8 S

Firstly 8-Bit Log isn’t that usable. And a flat profile is the same as lowering saturation and contrast. If you do it in post or in camera is pretty much the same thing. Its not true Log anyway.


The reason, at least for me, to use a profile is so I know how the footage behaves. A LUT that isn’t perfect for the footage isn’t the end of the world. As long as I can predict how it will behave.
And these days with “Make Log Like” LUTs, good Rec709 LUTs, etc, its all good imo.