5 Reasons to Buy a Used Red One MX

So why would I advice anyone to pick up an almost 10 year old camera?

Easy, For Fun.


The video of the RED was shot on a BMCC




I buy most of my stuff used. Simply because you get more for your money. And it was during the release of the A7rii and A7sii that I got the idea.


Why pay such a premium price for a camera thats going to be worth half in a year? And what can I get for the same amount today?


It was the same reasoning that lead me into my recent film endeavor.



Back to the Red.


So I found myself looking at used cameras in the €3000 segment. At the top of my list where the Sony F35, but no luck.
I also looked at URSA, FS700, 1DC etc but none was a perfect match.


So I started lurking the Red user forum.
There I saw Red Scarlets ready to shoot with accessories for as low as $6000.


And when I saw the Red One with everything you need plus lenses for  a crazy low $4000,
I knew it would be the one.


redannons redannonsssss


That particular seller didn’t want to ship to Sweden, but another one did.
In less than 24h from leaving Spain, this huge box sat on my floor.


Here are a few shots from the very first time powering it up, uploaded in 4K.


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