5 Reasons to Buy a Nikon D750 for Video

Everyone knows that the Nikon D750 is an awesome stills camera. And if you ask me its also a great video camera. Really great. Here are 5 Reasons why.



Nikon D750, jpeg straight from camera.

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5. Lenses
Nikon has probably the least amount of adaptable lenses out there because of its long flange distance. On the other hand it has a very strong line up of native lenses, included vintage once. The vintage Nikon lenses are quite over priced compared to other mounts but you can still make a bargain with a bit of luck.
The modern lenses are pretty affordable and provide excellent quality.
Also a Nikon set is future proof since it can be adapted to anything, including most PL cameras.


4. Build
The D750 is borderline full pro and it feels like it as well. Solid, with a nice grip and not much plastic. All the buttons are easily accessible and the menus are deep but intuitive. When using it you can quickly tell its got pedigree of usability instead of looks or size.
I have long fingers and the grip is only beaten by the 5D in my opinion. But its buttons and layout makes it a winner.
The screen articulates, just not the whole way around.


3. Codec
It is mindblowing. I have shot everything from AVCHD to 4K Raw and I cant belive the amount of detail and dynamic range they cram into such a low bitrate. The SD card simply lasts forever, I seriously haven’t formatted it since getting the camera.
Its gradable as well. The only time it broke down so far was with a very aggressive LUT.
In general the codec only seem to fall apart in under exposed shadows, meaning total darkness.


2. Color
The camera records in a Nikon Flat picture profile and once Ive set my shadows and highlights I often feel like leaving it at that. It has a lovley pallet of natural colors and it often feels like a shame to alter them.
To grade I find my self mostly doing my own thing in Resolve. But the Impulze LUTs for “Nikon Flat 10” works really nice.
I don’t think the Osiris works as good as it does on other cameras, same goes for Filmconvert.


1. Dynamic Range
What I put at the very top of my list of what makes a great image is the Dynamic Range. And it has it. Loads of it.
It is easily 13 stops, no doubt. Definetellyt in the same league as the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.
Something like the Sony A7x s-log barley reaches 11, the Panasonic Cine-D is even lower, Canon is Solid at 12, but the D750 is in the upper level.


Canon XC10


Nikon D750


Panaonic G7

Panasonic G7 DR

Side by Side


In the last picture I have zoomed in and then raised the shadows 100%
The XC10 is rated at 12 stops which I have no reason to doubt and find reasonable compared to my experience with Blackmagic. That gives the D750 a minimum of 13 stops. At least to my eye.


Imagine a Blackmagic Cinema Camera that sacrificed the bitrate and peaking for better battery, size, Full Frame, slowmotion, stills function, endless storage, better audio and controls. But still retained awesome colors and one of the widest dynamic ranges.
Now stop imagine and try the D750.