Cheap Vintage Lens Shootout

This is a quick run through of some vintage C-Mount, m42, and C/Y lenses.
Some of them will go on the BMPCC or D16 and some covers even a Full Frame 5Dkiii.
The most expensive one was $100 but most of them range between $10-50.

The lenses are:

Zeiss Tevidon 10mm f2.0 C-Mount
Computar 12.5mm f1.8 C-Mount
Zeiss Tevidon 16mm f1.8 C-Mount
Tokina 24mm f2.8 m42-Mount
Zeiss Jena 35/2.8 m42-Mount
Zeiss Jena 50/2.8 C/Y-Mount
Yashinon 50/1.9 m42-Mount