Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Review – Its a big one

This is my review of the BMPCC. It consist of nine parts produced over several months.
On my page you will find many more videos with and about this fantastic camera.


The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera has truly turned the camera industry upside down. It is in my opinion one of the greats next to the 5D/t2i and the DVX100.

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Part 1

In the first part we take a look at it and ask our selves, is it really a “Pocket Camera”.

Part 2

Ok so the camera is great, can we go shoot now?
No, first we need to understand the power consumption and memory. The good news is that since this video was made there have been numerous new firmwares that among other things make the cards last much much longer.

Part 3

On thing that separates most Cinema Cameras from Video Cameras is lack of audio. Most of us have been shooting video with DSLRs or Mirrorless for a while and gotten used to it. But I still wanted to talk about it for an episode.

Part 4

Ok so its a pocketable Cinema Camera with an awesome quality. But can I use it for other stuff like a documentary?
Well, Yes.

Part 5

No camera without a lens… unless its a pinhole, but you know what I mean.
Any who, lenses are cheap as chips depending on what you want.

Part 6

During the series I had at this point been asked at least a hundred times if I shot Raw or Prores.
The answer is both.

Part 7

Ok could you run that old cheap lens thing by me again?

Part 8

Ok we are almost at the end. Just need to test the low light capabilities first.

Part 9

Finally we have only one question left. What other cameras are there?
Please note that since this video was made their have been plenty of solid options announced.
But nothing in my opinion that beats the BMPCC in the price segment. 4K or not.

Thats it, thanks for watching and checkout my other BMPCC videos if your not tired of them.
I have about thirty 🙂



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