Shootout – Canon t2i vs Blackmagic Cinema Camera

The old but faithful Canon t2i, also known as the 550d go up against the Blackmagic 2.5k Cinema Camera.
It was made almost two years ago when a friend and I was waiting for a train on a grey day in the middle of Sweden.
Its what happens when two camera nerds have nothing better to do, and both are carrying some gear.

From the results I have learned two things.

1. 2.5k Raw is sharper and more detailed than H.264 from an old DSLR.
2. H.264 only looks bad if its sitting right next to something like 2.5k Raw.

First of all, the t2i is great. Not just for an old camera, a cheap camera or a stills camera. Its great period.
Many say the 5Dii started the DSLR revolution but in my opinion it was the t2i that made it truly affordable. And the long process started with the 2i is the only reason why I can buy a used 2.5k Raw shooting Cinema Camera today for less than $1000.

But it also holds its own. When I look back at my old t3i footage it still looks great. And recently I was watching one of my videos I thought “This looks awesome, what did I shoot this on?”. It was the EOS-M, which packs pretty much the same punch as the t2i.

That the footage from the Blackmagic looks great goes without saying.


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